Thursday, February 18, 2010

the next 24 hours

The funny thing is, I've never been that worried about tomorrow (beta day). Either it will be negative, in which case I will do as planned: go to a concert that night, a party the next night, and drink like a fish.

Or, it will be positive. In which case, I will go to said events, drink water, and panic until Monday.

Because Monday is when it all went wrong last time. Beta was on Friday: 125. Great number! Yay, pregnant! Weekend: spent fantasizing about nursery colors, onesies, the smell of baby powder, and little dimples, alternating with slight panic about sleeplessness, breast-feeding and, you know, actually having a child.

And then Monday, the number was 127. And the whole thing came to a crashing halt. So it's never been Friday that scares me. Monday, on the other hand, is terrifying.

Because I'm now pretty sure what Friday will bring.

But no pee-stick can save me from the Monday fears. Goal: take it one day at a time. Hope for a good, solid number tomorrow. And then, wait. And pray. A lot.

Thanks to those who gave me photo-tips for the pee stick! Much better. Darker line is, indeed, a bit of a relief.


  1. Yay! Sending positive vibes for a beautiful beta Friday and a glorious beta on Monday!!

  2. That's a beautiful picture. Many good thoughts for you tomorrow and Monday.

  3. That is definitely a darker line than yesterday, so Congrats!! I can't wait to hear what your beta number is tomorrow, and I hope that you're able to have a great weekend and not stress, and that come Monday with the next beta your numbers have doubled accordingly. Fingers still crossed for you that this is a sticky bean in there.

  4. I have my fingers crossed for you as well. Positive thoughts for Monday being one of your best days ever!

  5. Best of luck tomorrow AND Monday!!

  6. Best of luck to you!!!! And I'll be sending up tons of prayers for you this weekend, and special ones for that glorious # on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So last time I said that a positive is a positive and it doesn't matter how dark or light. But I change my mind. Cause this is super dark and I think your level MUST be increasing! Glad you have a bust weekend to help the time pass quickly. (yeah right!) Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

  8. Thinking about you for tomorrow already. :o)

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogging award, b/c I LOVE your blog. Here is the post with the nomination:

  9. Just came to see what your 'present' life is like after I found you on Creme.

    Good luck tomorrow. Will definitely be thinking big time of you! Big hugs!!

  10. Congratulations-That looks like a lovely line !!! hoping for great things for Monday. :)

  11. That is definitely a darker line! You are heading in the right direction! Sending good thoughts your way for today and Monday!


    and, now, for today's, but especially MONDAYs fabulous beta!

    thank you for your sweetness while I freak out.
    So great to have your two lines to aspire to!