Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just the one

Well, of the three embryos still developing yesterday, none made it to freeze. Part of me is disappointed, of course, but I'm trying to remember how amazing it is - how unexpected, given our results last time - that we even have one frozen embryo at all.

Another part of me is a little relieved to have some disappointment at this stage; it's all been too perfect until now. Clearly, that part of me is f*cked up.

But the rest of me is trying to keep myself distracted. Thankfully, I'm busy at work this week. Plus, the continuing saga of Lost is excellent fodder for the distraction category.


  1. I'm sorry. :( I know too well the disappointment of most not making it to freeze. So disappointing.

  2. So sorry, but I'm glad you have one!

  3. Glad to hear at least one made it. =)

    Thinking of you.

  4. Go ONE go! One is still good! That one could be the ONE! Stay strong!

  5. i had a similar issue. we had 9 embies on day 5 and had only 1 to freeze.

    it's a bummer, but maybe it will all be for a reason- since you'll get pregnant with twins this time and then next time you'll only want to put one in anyway so you don't have 2 sets of twins....right?!?

    good luck!

  6. Your embryos are BEAUTIFUL! That lone frozen embryo is probably just the independent type, not wanting to share it's womb or petri dish with anyone else. Sounds like a strong and determined one, for sure. Welcome to the 2ww.

  7. So sorry hon, I understand that disappointment all too well. It's promising you were able to freeze at least the one.

  8. Your transferred two are nestling in,
    you have one to grow on if need be or want be...
    I am so sorry for your sadness over the three, let this be the worst of your luck this cycle, enough to count and enough to give you a free pass all the way to October.