Saturday, April 25, 2009

small good thing

Okay.  I need to focus on something else for awhile.  So I decided to try and notice some small good things around me - like the (periodic) sunshine today, and the truly tasty quiche I made for breakfast.

But today's photographic small good thing is what really made my day:

We finally hung the clothesline.  We bought it four years ago, had it up for two, moved to another house and never found the right place for it, then moved here, and eight months later...clothesline!  The smell of freshly dried sheets - there's nothing better.

Small good things.  They keep you going.


  1. I bet it smells amazing. You just can't capture that with a dryer.

  2. yup. indeed. we just got one up here. don't know why we didn't hang clothes out at the last place. it feels so good to hang clothes on the line.

    good exercise, my friend.

  3. Seeing clothes on a clothesline always makes me smile. Especially on those 100 degree days when it's completely crazy to use a drier.

    Quiche sounds delicious.