Friday, April 3, 2009

one week to go

One week from today, I'll be waiting anxiously for a call from my nurse with bloodwork results.

Which means that next week will officially be the slowest.week.ever.

I'm dreaming of ways to keep myself occupied within the rules of beta-waiting behavior. No extreme exercise. And I read on another blog that someone's RE told them not to do any vacuuming for the first 48 hours, so I have conveniently morphed that into "no vacuuming for the entire two week wait until beta results." So, apart from skydiving or vacuuming, here are some thoughts on ways to keep busy until next Friday:

  1. Work on number of put-aside knitting projects currently sitting in knitting basket. (Check. Am already doing this. But am resisting urge to start new baby sweater.)
  2. Weed yard. (If ever stops raining.)
  3. Build ark. (If never stops raining. But would be fairly extreme exercise, so perhaps not.)
  4. Create menu with lots of new dishes so must spend more time cooking.
  5. Plan fun night out with husband.
  6. Read at least one book from huge pile by bed.
  7. Solve problem of evil in universe. (That should take awhile.)
  8. Babysit five-month old niece in hopes of furthering good baby karma-energy. And also for sheer delight of niece.
  9. Work. (Right. Shouldn't forget that one.)
  10. Pray. All the time. (Check.)
  11. Think positive thoughts. But also try not to be unrealistic. But not be pessimistic. So, be reasonably hopeful. But not start to plan nursery, or anything. But also not doom self before necessary. (That one ought to take awhile too.)
So. There we go. That should make the week go faster.

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  1. I know what you mean, I am always trying to keep myself super-busy during the 2ww. It works best for me if I actually schedule things instead of just keeping a to-do list. And number 11 - you are really good at expressing the ambiguity and terrible mix of emotions that are so hard to control.