Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Private Practice

Continuing with this week's "open letter" theme...

Dear Private Practice, a show on ABC I watch only because it's right after Grey's Anatomy and I am too lazy to change the channel,

I'll keep this short.

If you keep using rabidly inaccurate medical terminology in your fertility segments, I will quit watching.

As in tonight, when the so-called "expert" on the show referred repeatedly to "implanting" embryos (and, by the way, let me add how SUPER HELPFUL it is to create a storyline about mixing up the embryos of two women, because there is already SO MUCH accurate, timely, thoughtful information out there about assisted reproductive technology that I just LOVE IT that you decided to give people EVEN MORE REASONS to have NO IDEA what the whole thing is about).

You do not "implant" embryos, dumbasses.  You "transfer" them.  If you are damn, damn lucky, they implant.  (In the right place.) 

Actually, if you keep using this verb, I will most likely "implant" my remote in the television, resulting in a.) much damage to my TV and b.) a very pissed-off husband.

Do.  Your.  Research.  You can bet that every fertility patient watching sure as hell has.




  1. Amen. (Don't watch the show, but I've seen it enough in other places to DRIVE ME NUTS. This is why people were SO CONFUSED when I said I had an ectopic. "Did the doctor IMPLANT it in the wrong place??" No... the doctor put it in a good place and IT MOVED. That's what they DO.)

  2. If only Private Practice would read this and make some changes!
    On another note... I enjoyed lurking on your blog. We have a lot in common. Ain't 3% morphology a pain?!
    ~Not pregnant in Texas

  3. Private practice is the WORST in that regard. I mean, again, last night's episode, where embryos are by accident transferred to the wrong women, wtf? I can't even imagine the size of the island I will be buying after that lawsuit. And show me an infertile that did an IVF that is willing to just "terminate and start again"? That was beyond laughable. Anyhoo... we do this torture to ourselves by watching I guess.

  4. Omg. Those ditzes. And I'm sure that they have medics on the show "advising" them. Please write to the show and tell them they are dumb asses!!!! Makes me puke!
    Hope you're doing okay apart from the bad tv.!!:)