Friday, March 13, 2009

suppression? check.

Yet another glorious pants-dropping appointment in the Festival of Pants-Dropping Appointments known as IVF. But a good one, so no complaining here. (Although the day when I no longer have any planned opportunities for someone to put an ultrasound cam up my hoo-ha will be a very, very good day.)

It looks like we have 6 follicles on one side and at least 4 on the other - she thought there were very probably more, but it was a bit tricky to see. I think she saw 5 or 6 the first time around, so I'm feeling good.

Another acupuncture appointment today too: love it. It's hard to peel myself off the table and go to work afterward, but if that's the biggest complaint in my day then all is well.

Tonight the husband and I are going out for dinner and then tomorrow we're working on a mini-facelift for the downstairs powder room. Such a nice, normal weekend.

And then in the evening, I will begin injecting myself with Super Stimulation Hormones. So, not so normal. But at least the bathroom will look snazzy.


  1. 10 follicles! Woohoo!!!!

    things sound great. we're praying for you EVERY day. and this will continue.

  2. Great news about the follicles!! Good luck with the shots tonight. How's the downstairs powder room looking? Sounds like nesting ;)