Wednesday, March 4, 2009

poked, episode 1

One shot down; lots to go. But still, it's a relief to be here.

It went completely fine last night. I got home fairly late from work, so headed straight to the computer to review the "how to inject yourself" video. Had some flashbacks about last-minute-cramming before a test in high school and college. This, however, seemed a bigger deal, not least because failing this one could actually result in pain and bleeding. I mean, the chances of that are infitessimally small, but still; it's not like that was a real possibility if I failed my quiz on medieval English literature.

Anyway. I opened the box of Lupron (huge box which contained a billion syringes - or, you know, 20 - and one very, very small bottle of actual medicine). I popped off the top, and, as if I were an injection pro, I measured out the space I needed in the syringe, inserted the air into the bottle, drew out the liquid, rubbed my belly with an alcohol pad, took a deep breath, pinched the skin, and, pow! Shot myself.

I felt like there should be fireworks afterward, or something. It was kind of anticlimactic, really. But I did it, and it wasn't bad at all, and so far, no problems. The fish oil pills I'm taking have more impact on me than anything else. (Note to self: take one pill in morning, one in evening. This wards off little fishy burps in significantly helpful manner. Two in morning gives self impression of having digested whole can of cat food. Ick.)

I'm sure the side effects are well on their way. But for now, we're off and running.


  1. Good job with the shot! Sounds like it was sub-q? I did a few of those, and they were fine, but I'm completely terrified of having to eventually do an intramuscular shot. Also, my husband did the sub-q ones. I'm not sure I could do it myself. So give you major props.

  2. yay, first shot done! i know what you mean about feeling like something should happen after you do that to yourself! i felt the same'll be just fine. i got faster at it everyday. good luck!!

  3. you go, girl! i have had such a shot, but hubby had to do it for me!

    you're off and running! woohoo!

  4. Hooray! Best wishes.

    I take vegetarian omega-3 capsules, made from the same algae that supplies the fish with their omega-3 rather than from fish. No fishy burps -- quite innocuous actually. I posted about them a while back for Show and Tell.

    Fishy burps might be too much to bear when (not if) you're pregnant soon!

  5. Glad it went well! Are you having any side effects?

  6. Congrats on getting that first shot out of the way. I didn't have many Lupron side effects last time, except for being incredibly sleepy. I've been on it for a few days so far and my bedtime is noticeably earlier, but I seem to make it through the day okay. *Knock on wood* I hear that drinking plenty of water helps somehow.

  7. Congrats on getting through the first shot! I had my first last night -- am going through my first IVF cycle as well. Sending all kinds of good thoughts your way!

  8. Here from LFCA...

    Good luck! (You know the sub q trick to avoid the bruising right? Beveled edge up, angle it around 45 degrees, do some initial itty pokes to test for sensitivity then go in slooooooowly.)