Wednesday, March 18, 2009

small black blobs update #1

So, an update on the follicles.

Where we started: 4-5 on one side, 6 on the other side. (I couldn't remember at the time, but the higher number is the left ovary.)

At Monday's day 3 bloodwork: estradiol level 50, which the nurse said was "just fine." Some minor Googling of this number agreed with the nurse. (Google: the world's greatest blessing, and worst curse, to the infertile. And to everyone else, for that matter.)

At today's ultrasound: 7 good follicles on the left side (yippee!) but only 2 visible on the right side (huh. Am obviously Democrat, so perhaps that explains high success rate on left side). Estradiol level is 129. Am trying to resist Googling this. Doc says to stay on the same dosage of meds, so I assume the number is fine. Super Cheerful Ultrasound Lady says that more may well show up on the right side at Saturday's ultrasound, since we're only at day 5.

So: all is well. Lots of little ovary-area twinges going on, but that's about it.

The right ovary and I will be having a little discussion tonight about kicking it up a notch. No doubt that will work like a charm.


  1. OK, if ovaries are going to respond based on party alliance, I'm going to fall over. On my left side. I DO live in San Francisco after all!!

    Good luck to you this Saturday...hoping for LOTS of follicles on BOTH sides!

  2. Zooming over from LFCA to say....our right ovaries both deserve a stern talking-to. Mine's hiding altogether. If you've discovered a way to make yours get with the program, please let me know!