Saturday, March 7, 2009

daylight savings confusion

So, yet another question I never anticipated needing to ask.

I do my lupron shot at 9pm every night.  The nurse said to pick a time between 7-9pm, and be consistent with it; I could choose anytime within that 2 hour range, but then stick with it.

Okay.  Not a problem.  I pick 9pm, because sometimes I don't get home from work until 8:30 or so.

So...tomorrow, when the clock says 9:00pm, my body thinks it's 10:00pm.  If I obey the clock, I'm adding an hour between shots.  If I obey my body, I have to move the shots to 8pm, which doesn't really work the rest of the week.  What should I do?

Yet another reason why this is my least favorite Sunday of the year....

(Early Sunday morning edit:  Wait a second.  I would need to do the shot at 10pm, not 8pm, right?  Because right now, at 6am, my body thinks it's 5am.  That I know for sure.  So at 10pm, it will feel like 9pm.  Which all begs the same question: is any of this worrying even necessary?)


  1. I really don't think it makes a difference. I find it hard to believe that our bodies are on exactly a 24h clock and get confused if it's 23 or 25 hours instead.

    But, you could try splitting the difference tomorrow so that your body is half-an-hour closer to the new 9:00.

  2. i don't really know, but my gut is with cassandra- adjust by half an hour today- 9:30. and back to 9 tomorrow. make sense?

  3. Hi - I'm just finishing my stim cycle (trigger is probably tomorrow) and I was told that it wasn't necessary to do the shots at the exact same time every day, just within the same window of time. I've definitely had a swing of more than an hour on either side on several occasions and so far everything seems to be going really well - so don't stress too much about it. (for the record though, if you want to keep them at the same time you should do the shot an hour later than usual). good luck ;)