Saturday, March 21, 2009

small black blobs update #2

Nothing says "yay, weekend, Saturday morning!" like having a wand up your hoo-ha at 8:45 am.  Ah, the joys of fertility treatment.

Still lagging behind is the right ovary, which only shows 2 follicles.  Not sure where the other two or three went...

But Left Ovary is humming along nicely, with 7 decently sizes blobs visible in there.  One more appointment on Monday will confirm our retrieval date, which looks to be mid-next week.  

My husband came along to this appointment; his first experience with the internal ultrasound.  Ah, romance.  Poor guy: I should have asked Super Cheerful Ultrasound Lady to explain what she was doing, because he was completely lost.  ("Did you see them?" I asked happily afterward.  "Well, no," he said, looking confused, "but it was cool!"  And then - "What IS that thing?" pointing at the wand.)

My bruised belly is happy to hear that this injection phase is, indeed, coming to a close.  Still very few side effects, except for an increased awareness of the presence of my reproductive organs.  

Must go; our accountant will be calling soon to finish off our taxes.  Taxes AND a hoo-ha wanding?  What a weekend.


  1. 9 isn't bad even if the right side is being finicky!

    Retrieval so soon? Wow. Still praying every day.

  2. Sounds like you'll have a good number of eggs, congrats! Your husband has never seen the ultrasound wand before? Wow! My husband always comes along, and usually makes jokes about the wand being a microphone or the screen being a TV. But he still says he doesn't understand what he sees on the screen, while I feel like I'm figuring it out these days.