Thursday, February 12, 2009

will this be half off after January 1? probably not.

Last year, I found a super cool calendar with old maps from places like New York, Paris, Australia, and London.  But it was $19.95, which seemed like a bit much for a calendar, so I didn't buy it.  I thought about waiting until it was in the half-off bin after the new year.

Today, I got my IVF calendar from the clinic.  $19.95 is looking like a pretty sweet deal at this point.
  • February 7th - started period. (Check.)
  • February 10th - start birth control pills.  (Check.  Irony noted.)
  • Ridiculous, crazy number of doctor appointments ensue.
  • Start shooting yourself in the stomach and/or ass with a variety of highly expensive drugs, starting March 3rd.
  • (In big, bold letters: PAYMENT DUE BY SUPPRESSION CHECK.)  (Got it.)

It all comes down to the last day with a notation, which could change but, on this calendar, appears on April 8th: "blood pregnancy test."

Best.  Calendar.  Ever.


  1. I'll be thinking of you on the 8th. My blood test is going to be the 3rd. I'm pretty much five days ahead of you.

    My hubby bought my calendar for me recently. It was locally produced as a breast cancer fundraiser and is titled "Dan the Man in Boxers". It features an older and portly Dan in a fine selection of themed boxers. Great IVF present! Reminds me to keep smiling :)

  2. Yeah! I start injections just after you on 3/8. Interesting that my clinic calendar just ends after the ET...hopefully that's not a bad sign!

    I guess my blood test would come around April 13th. Wow. Less than two months and hopefully we'll both have big fat positives.