Sunday, February 8, 2009

oh. there you are.

I don't quite have a whole 'ode' in me this afternoon.  So, a haiku in honor of the found period:

Well, there you are.  Shit.
But instead of hating you,
I'll see a new start.

Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen: we're gearing up for IVF.  Next step: birth control pills.  Just what every trying-to-get-pregnant woman wants to take.  AGAIN.

This whole infertility thing is full of more ironies than I could possibly count.  


  1. Just stumbled upon you here... Writing out MY thoughts and emotions!! Amazing isn't it, how the IF bond unites complete strangers? Keep writing, I'm loving reading.

    I, too, get irrationally angry at taking BCP as the first step towards getting pregnant. I actually threw my pills across the room one night. Of course, then I sighed...went over and picked them up again. Hey, at least BCP are oral, and it isn't a 4" needle in the butt. (Yet) Oh IVF is too much fun.

  2. Yay, glad it showed up! I agree, it's so strange to be back on the pill (after a five year break!). I'm really excited that you are starting IVF. I hope you don't have any side effects and that the time passes quickly!!