Friday, February 27, 2009

sound off

I think we're through with all the "pre" visits at this point: IVF, here come.

Yesterday I had my 'uterine sounding' appointment, which sounded mostly like me yelling "OW!" when the catheter hit the back wall of my uterus. THERE IS A REASON YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JAM STUFF IN THERE. ("Well, there it is," said the doctor calmly, "now I won't do that again.")

The checklist is done. The drugs are arriving Monday. Lupron shots start Tuesday. I'm ready.

Inflicting pain while in the process of potentially creating life seems like the perfect Lenten discipline. Plus, if the drugs do indeed make me an emotional nutcase, I can say that I am giving up my sanity for Lent.


  1. Yay for being done with all the "pre" preparation for your cycle. I'm just five days behind you, I start my Lupron next Sunday. Don't be shocked when the meds arrive, it's kind of overwhelming.

    Luck, luck, luck to you!

  2. just caught up on the last three posts! good stuff.

    still praying.

    woohoo... it begins... so... soon! love you.