Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wait, wait, do yoga, wait, wait...

One of the side effects of infertility is how much damn attention you have to pay to when your period starts.   I joyfully anticipate the day when I will NO LONGER CARE when I get my period, when I will no longer feel a twinge and think, "is that it?  Is it now?  Or is that possibly a pregnancy symptom?  Is that what it feels like?"  

You would think that, this being my 39th cycle of trying to get pregnant with no success, I would stop doing the whole "'gasp!' is that a pregnancy symptom?!?" thing, but apparently not.  Hope springs eternal.  Even when it's also rather cruel.

I did start doing a yoga DVD designed for fertility enhancement.  I chose it because a.) it got pretty good reviews on Amazon, and 2.) it stars the woman who voices that dead neighbor on Desperate Housewives.  I realize this is a stupid reason for choosing a yoga teacher.  But seriously: there are few things more off-putting in an exercise video of any kind than a grating, obnoxious voice.  This why I can never do any video by Denise Austin.  Her voice makes me want to jump out the window (which might be good for the quads, but probably not so much for the impact).  

I'm really enjoying the DVD.  There's one part where you have to turn your hands perpendicular to the spot where your legs meet your torso and rub in a triangular motion, which is the part where I am really glad to be doing this in the privacy of my own home, because I wouldn't do that in a room of other people if you paid me - but other than that, it's good.  And her voice is, indeed, soothing.  (She actually is a yoga teacher.  Who knew?)

So, that's the pattern of my week:
1. Wake up.
2. Drink one cup of coffee.
3. Go to the bathroom and check underwear for anxiously awaited menstrual event.
4. Go to work.
5. Repeat step 3 at obnoxiously frequent levels during the day.
6. Do yoga.
7. Go to bed.
8. Do over next day.


  1. I've not gotten into yoga yet, but that sounds like a good DVD. And, I love the dead chick from DH! Is it funny that everything she does is JUST her voice?

  2. I want to strangle the voiceover chick on my fertility yoga DVD which sort of goes counter to the anti-stress theme of the yoga.