Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pants stay on.

Yesterday I had my bloodwork and initial ultrasound appointment, also known as The Thousandth Time I Have Had To Drop My Pants And Wear A Giant Kleenex On My Lap appointment.

Seriously. Who knew you could have this many internal ultrasounds in your life? Who knew I would ever care so much about the grainy, black and white images of my ovaries?

Next time I go to the dentist I should be careful, because right now my Pavlovian response to being in a doctor's office is to shed my pants and get in the stirrups.

Dentist: Uh, ma'am?

Me: Yes?

Dentist: I really don't need access to that area.

Me: Oh! Sorry! Are you sure? Because I'm totally comfortable with this. Really.

Dentist: Hygenist? We're going to need to sterilize that x-ray machine again.

Things look fine, according to Super Cheerful Ultrasound Lady. Antral follicle count showed five follicles on one side, and 5 or 6 on the other. Birth control pills started today. Nurse is supposed to call with my calendar for all the other Pants Dropping Appointments in my near future.

One day, I will be chasing a half-naked toddler around my house, shouting, "no! Pants stay on!" and I will think of this day and laugh.

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  1. This is awesome, especially the part about re-sterilizing the x-ray machine.

    Great news on the follicle count!