Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Nothing dramatic (which is nice), so just a quick update:
  • Meds are going fine. I've had to be away from home three nights out of the past five, which is really unusual, so I've also become a pro at packing a mini-cooler which looks like lunch but, when opened, appears to be...well, not lunch. I seem to bruise every time on the left side, but never on the right. Good times. Otherwise, no particular side effects - though I can't tell if yesterday's headache was lack of sleep, or medicinally induced. Time will tell.
  • Ultrasound yesterday showed between 17-19 follicles! Woo hoo! Five are leading the pack, so it remains to be seen if the rest will catch up, but it's a significant improvement over last time, when 12 was the top number seen (and we ended up with 5 eggs retrieved). I'm adding cetr.ocide tomorrow morning and go in for another ultrasound on Friday.
  • I love acupuncture. Just wanted to say that.
  • Work is busy. More going on than I anticipated. Mostly, this is good; keeps me from sitting around all day thinking about estrogen levels and egg numbers.
  • Hmmm...headache coming on again. Oh, well. Could be worse.


  1. Oooo, I miss acupuncture. By far the best part of the IVF process!

    Congrats on your copious follicles. I hope things continue to go well!

  2. What a great post! I am totally looking up to you as I am about a month behind you. Good thoughts!

  3. 17-19 follicles?? You are an egg machine!

  4. 17-19?!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Never did I see results like that. NEVER. HOORAY!