Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh, that's right. i remember you.

Ah, men.opur. You had tricked me the past few days - I remembered you as the dose o' acid in my subcutaneous self, but you snuck in at the beginning of this cycle. You really got me; I was convinced that I must have blown your intense burning sensation way out of proportion. "Wow," I said to myself last night, "this isn't so bad. What was I complaining about last time?"

And then, like a thief in the night, like Jay Leno sneaking up on Conan and stealing the Tonight Show from right under his pasty little fingers, BAM! Tonight I marched into the bathroom, vastly overconfident, injected that silly little Men.opur syringe and HOLY FREAKING COW THAT STUFF DOES BURN LIKE ACID, CURSE THE BASTARD WHO INVENTED THIS ALTHOUGH I REALLY HOPE IT WORKS.

Otherwise, all other meds going fine. Ultrasound tomorrow.

**Edited post-ultrasound: 14 follicles going strong! It looks like retrieval is mostly likely next Wednesday.


  1. Isn't that weird? I have the same thing - sometimes that stuff burns like the devil, other times, nothing. Who knows why - its just another thing you can not predict or control in IF! Good luck on the u/s!

  2. I heard it was bad to take by itself but thank God I could mix mine with Gonal-F and Lupron! I hope you get through it okay!

  3. Jay Leno. What a bastard.

    Feel better, and good luck ;-)

  4. Orgalutran was AWFUL for me for the first few days but the longer I took it, the easier it got. Menopur, however, started off all sunshine and smiles, but by the last few doses, totally kicked my ass. But 14 follicles maturing?? What's a little burn?