Monday, October 11, 2010

by the numbers

I. am. tired. While I'm working up to my due date, this is my last week of appointments - and it's crammed full. And only Monday. Hmmm.

So, because I do not have the brain power for a post of full sentences with good grammar and spelling and...all that stuff, here are some of the significant numbers in my life lately:

  • Doctor's best guess today at baby's weight: 8 1/2 pounds (yikes)
  • My weight gain so far: 30 pounds
  • Baby shower thank you notes written: 100 (it's a long story. 3 showers. one given by 80+ people at church.)
  • Baby shower thank you notes yet to be written: about 30
  • Times I have walked into a room lately and forgotten what I'm doing there: 8
  • Number of pieces in the baby swing we tried to assemble tonight: 12
  • Number of swear words uttered during said assembly: 2 (pretty good, I thought)
  • Actual ankles left on my body: 0
  • Strangers who have asked me my due date lately: 5
  • Number of days left until due date: 16
  • Pieces of apple pie consumed in the last 3 days: numerous.
  • Number of baby feet currently stuck in my right rib: 1
  • Times I got up to pee last night: 2 (low! yay!)
  • Pieces of food I spill onto my belly on a daily basis: lost track.
Time for bed, I think. I will try to come up with something more scintillating tomorrow.


  1. This is great, short, sweet, and hilarious:) Take care of yourself while you head for the finish line!

  2. This is a fabulous post! So clever..had me laughing and agreeing with you...only 2 pees, that's great! Amount of food on belly, numerous...absolutely!

  3. This is awesome and despite the food, forgetfulness and feet in ribs, it all sounds wonderful and like you are coasting in for a relatively smooth landing. Be sure to get rest, though, and don't work too hard!

  4. Getting so close! Spilling food on my belly was one of my pet peeves... I couldn't go a day without stains on my work shirt. :)

  5. I love the count for ankles left at this point!!! This is a great post. :)

  6. I got so good at wearing the menu on the belly that even two months later you can still guess the day's special by looking at the front part of the shirt. What can I say, I am naturally gifted...
    Good luck with everything! Fingers crossed for an easy delivery.
    Best wishes, Mina