Tuesday, October 26, 2010


3 days until the due date.

Today was my last day of work - and it brought the conversation I've been dreading for weeks. I had to fire somebody today. I've never done this before (and earnestly hope never to have to do it again). Firing people sucks. (Getting fired is worse, I realize, but if you have any heart at all, it's not easy to deliver the news either.)

It's an enormously complicated situation, and not something to be broadcast on the internets, but it's over. The person handled it better than I had anticipated. And it's over. I did it; not the way I wanted to leave for a few months, but it's done.

Now I get to stay home and stare at my belly, chanting anything from "come on, baby, we want to meet you!" to, "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT," depending on how I feel at the time. Yesterday's doctor appointment was not as exciting as I'd hoped; still just over 1cm dilated, which means - well, nothing, really. I could go into labor today. Or tomorrow. Or a week from now. At any rate, they'd bring me in for induction if baby doesn't show up by Friday, November 5th. I really don't want to be induced, so I'm hoping that the threat of the 5th will be enough to motivate this kid.

In other good news, you know what else will be over soon? Election season! No more political ads! Hot damn and hallelujah, people. I can't take it anymore. Between my chanting, "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT" to this baby and, "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" to the politicos on television, I'm coming off a lot more cranky than I actually am.


  1. How exciting to be so close! Wowza, 3 days! And knowing the latest date possible!

    I hear you on election ads. I'm so sick of them.

    I'm glad I have never had to fire someone. I hope the person at least somewhat knew it was coming.

  2. Three days, woo hoo! Hope your little one is somewhat punctual. =)

    And yes, firing people sucks. I worked in HR for several years, and even when they "deserve it" it sucks... Sorry you had to end things on a bad note.

  3. wow, you're almost there! i hope it happens soon and you can enjoy the whole process...best of luck!

  4. So exciting that you only have 3 days left!!! Hope the little one shows up soon. I remember the last couple of weeks of begging her to get out. :)

  5. Holy cow, three days!?! Can't wait :)

  6. I hope you get a couple days to take naps and spend your days as you please, followed by a healthy and efficient birth! I'm going to borrow your chant and see if it has any effect over here.

  7. wow. wow. wow. praying for you, friend.

    what a way to go on leave... glad it went better than it might have.

    breathe. trust. all shall be well.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more about election season! That sucks having to fire someone. I hope you could shake off the bad feelings soon.

  9. Happy Due Date!

    (I laughed hard at your GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT)


  10. So sorry that you had to fire someone. It really sucks, even when the person in question totally deserves it. Congrats on being done with work -- I hope that the threatening has its desired effect!!