Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tomorrow is the 20-week mark; halfway through this pregnancy. Wow. How did that happen?

The pharmaceutical industry continues to receive my love and praise, given that I have hardly thrown up since I started the zo.fran (and some over-the-counter stuff is taking care of the side effects). I still seem to have, shall we say, an overactive gag reflex. Not sure what's up with that. Did you know it is possible to throw up without actually being nauseous? Yeah. Me neither. Surprises abound.

Monday we had our ultrasound, which was tremendously reassuring. All the parts are there; two hands, two feet, cute bones, four-chambered heart, good-looking brain, chewing jaw, bladder, kidneys - it's amazing what they can see. And what they can decipher; half the time the tech said, "you'll just have to take my word for it...that's a _______." "Okay," we said, in a daze.

We got a great look at one of the baby's feet - our favorite moment. So crystal clear, the five toes and the little foot shape, like a tiny bigfoot in my belly. I laid there, thinking, "someone else's heart is beating inside my body. Someone else's foot is kicking inside my body. SOMEONE ELSE IS PEEING INSIDE MY BODY." Beautiful, and strange, and surrealistically wonderful.

We didn't find out the gender. People have very definite opinions on this, I've noticed. I get a lot of, "WHAT? You're not going to find out? Why on earth not?" interspersed with a fair amount of, "oh, good; you're not going to find out. That's how it should be." I don't think this is really a moral question, but it's as if you have to make a choice between good and evil. We just want to be surprised, that's all. Chill out, people.

I can feel the baby moving on a regular basis. The room is painted, a darling cream and light green combination. The crib has been ordered. It's all so...normal. Normal is hard to get used to, sometimes.

But I can work on it. I think all I say to God these days is, "thank you." It's a nice change.


  1. Normal sounds absolutely wonderful :)

  2. It is funny how intense people react to finding out the gender! I can go either way, but my husband wants to find out. I just have a hard time believing they can tell 100%!

    I'm glad everything is going so well. Congrats on the halfway point!

  3. Wow, yay! What a great post! I'm SO happy to hear all is well. You are really on top of things with the nursery, too, I'm impressed!

    I hear you on the gender thing. We found out the genders, even though I originally didn't want to, and I'm happy we did. But I could totally see not doing it, too.

    Around 20 weeks I felt like the pregnancy was flying by as well. Now I feel like it's dragging. Still, it's wonderful, isn't it?

  4. Great to hear from you! 20 weeks sounds pretty damn pregnant, don't you think? I'm impressed that you've already got painted walls and a crib on the way. So far I've only gotten as far as moving my drafting table out of the baby's room. I think I have a serious summer project coming up. P.S. - Glad you're feeling better.

  5. Normal is wonderful isn't it?! So happy for you, congrats on reaching 20wks & seeing your beautiful baby...those ultrasounds really are incredible aren't they?

  6. yay for healthy baby! you deserve this, enjoy every minute.

  7. Praise the god Zofran-- so very happy you are feeling better. It saved me when I was barfing through the kidney stones.

    Yay for little feet and progress on the nursery,
    and YAY for 20 weeks and wiggles.

    So glad you are doing well,