Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have a slight addiction to Home and Garden Television.  Slight.  Take no heed of the small shrine to Candice Olson in my laundry room.

Has anyone else noticed that she is pregnant in every second episode of the show?  For some reason, that became ridiculously apparent today.  I would like to focus on the green glass tile and the extra-fabulous shower in "Top Five Divine Bathrooms," and yet all I can see is her super cute maternity wear.

The fuckwittage continues.


  1. Welcome to the IF blog land! I hope your IVF cycle results in a BFP for you!
    (here from LFCA)

  2. I'm here from LFCA too. I got caught up on your blog. It's great. I hope you find distraction, laughs, support, and an outlet through blogging. It has been a help to me.

  3. welcome to the IF blosphere. I think that you will find this group to be particularly supportive and helpful. You're never alone.