Friday, December 14, 2012


I know it's been radio silence from here for awhile. Just busy, nothing terrible.

I've not been big on political statements here, but I do not know how to do anything else today other than repeat this, over and over and over again:

if you are tired of the utter and deplorable lack of meaningful conversation about gun control in this country then today, do something about it.

Write to your representatives. Call your senator. Sign the White House petition. DO SOMETHING DO SOMETHING DO SOMETHING.

Do more than express sympathy on your page: do something with it. (See above.)

I don't give a shit if you agree with me, personally, on gun control or not: I have no particular law in mind. But if we look those families in the face (even over the news) and we do nothing? Nothing at all just because we are afraid of being "too political" or pissing somebody off or stirring up controversy? Then shame on us.

Hug your kids: yes. Cry: yes. Pray: yes. And then do something.


  1. I completly agree on the "do something". But gun control laws will not keep guns from the people who really want to have them. And....People who are sick and want to cause harm will always find a way(oklahoma bombing)...guns or no guns. It is an age old debate...But I will do something. I will raise my children with the ability to manage their anger and frustration in a way to not take it out on others and I will advocate for them if there is any indication of mental illness. We don't know what set this young man off...but he was going to kill no matter what....he has left nothing but devastation in his wake. My heart goes out to that whole comunity and those parents who sent their babies off to school that did not come home.

  2. And yet, when this country was attacked by terrorists we did not sit around saying, "those guys were going to kill us no matter what." We decided that it was a matter of national security and that we would compromise for the sake of national security. I don't like everything about the compromise we struck, but we did it because something had to be done. I am simply unable to believe that our gun control laws are sufficient. Better laws will absolutely make a difference. There is no excuse not to try to do a better job than we are doing. We need better mental illness care. We need to stop glorifying violence. We need to do a lot of things, and gun control laws are just one of them, but they are one of them.

  3. Amen sister!!! I am so flippin happy to finally see someone who is wanting to make a change rather than everyone I know who upon mentioning what happened will immediately jump to the defense of guns. They care more about protecting their laws and their "rights" than they do about protecting the kids. Excellent example with the twin towers. I pray for my babies and everyone else's that we find some way to make this better.

  4. I just wish the knee-jerk "don't you try to take my guns away" reaction would give way to a more reasoned approach. What's wrong with training and licensing? We do it for so many other things.

    Infringement on our liberties is, of course, a slippery slope. It doesn't always offer the protection we're seeking. Whether that's the case or not, we still need to DO SOMETHING. Study other cultures to see what we're doing wrong. Improve mental health. Regulate violent movies and games more. I don't know the answer. I just want people to stop trying to shut down the conversation.

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