Thursday, August 23, 2012

second time around

So, I've been on Lup.ron for about a week and a half. Started the estrogen patches two days ago (which resulted in a KILLER headache for awhile, so hallelujah for ibu.profen).

It still seems very odd. I'd like to think of something more profound than, "odd," but there you have it; surreal, perhaps, that I have to put my toddler to bed in time to get down to the bathroom and inject myself with the same medication that helped us get to her in the first place. I keep thinking that I'm in a dream, and someone is going to wake me up and tell me I never had a baby, that we have to do it all over again.

But then I go into the family room and trip over three baby dolls and her beloved play lawn mower, and reality comes back.

Transfer date is set for September 13. Not much more exciting news here (other than the emerging potty interest by above-mentioned child WOOHOO). Will keep you posted.


  1. Ewww Lupron! Very excited for your upcoming cycle =). Enjoy the ibuprofen while you can!!!

  2. Oh...lupron gave me the worst headaches. You will be done soon...hang in there. Very excited for your journey. I felt the same way when we were going for baby #2. It just seemed so much less "desperate" than with the first one. I was calm, they cycle passed faster and it just seemed less stressful....UNTIL...the actual transfer and then the TWW is just the TWW...there is no way to avoid the neurosis that ensues from being PUPO and with FET there is no trigger of HCG to get our of your system so you start POAS like 3 days after transfer and freak yourself out at all the stark white lines....OH...I feel for you...but very excited too!!! Keep us posted on the journey.

  3. I'm right here with you, about 10 days ahead of where you are now. It is surreal, isn't it? I inject in the morning, as my daughter squawks on the monitor - very surreal indeed. I hope all the best for you, please keep us posted on how it is all going.

  4. Yay!!!!!! You are moving forward!

  5. Good luck with your cycle! It is totally surreal -- the putting the kid to bed and then shooting up has been one of my faves as well. ;) Will be keeping an eye out and sending lots of good thoughts your way!