Wednesday, June 15, 2011

day after day

I've been trying to think of something exciting to say about my life that would necessitate a blog post, but I'm not quite sure what that might be.  It's pretty much life-as-new-normal these days around here, which alternates between "total thrill of being a mom" and "mundane daily grind plus more laundry."  Honestly, babies can be kind of tedious.  Not that I'm complaining, because really; parenting is mostly great.  But it certainly never lets up.  And that's okay.

Baby Girl has decided that she hates pears and avocados (the look on her face while trying the latter for the first time was priceless) but other than that, she's a champion eater.  Naps have improved dramatically over the past month, although she's still not into much more than thirty minutes at a time.  Maybe that will change.  Or not.

My husband is mostly a totally fantastic dad, but there are times when he comes home after I've had the baby all day and he's all excited to see her (and she's ridiculously excited to see him) and then he hangs out with her for, like, ten minutes, and then says he's tired, which pretty much makes me want to kick his ass.  Now, I get that working all day is tiring because, you know, I do that too (with a schedule that involves working weekends so I'm with her on a few weekdays).  But, as much as I hate making wide, sweeping statements about men and women, I think being the mom is harder.  At least if you're the primary food source.  About 90% of me loves nursing - the bonding, the fact that my body is finally able to do something related to reproduction - and the other 10% of me will happily give it up when the day comes, and go back to normal bras and a pump-less lifestyle and shirts that fit again (she says, hopefully). 

Also, we have added two teeth into the equation, which makes my nipples quake with fear.

So, that's about it for now.  It's a good life.  A very ordinary, suburban, family life.  The one I dreamt of for all those years.  Some days I can still hardly believe it actually happened.


  1. I know what you mean, really I do. It's wonderful and mundane and I need to get out ( with the babe) once a day. Sounds like you are working 7 days a week! As for hubs, this complaint seems to be very common on the blogs recently. I gather the key is to make your needs known and follow through with or without approval or permission. Good luck!

  2. I hear you. I sometimes say "Holy crap! This is my life! Woo hoo!" I live in fear of the little pearlies too.

    Thanks for the update -- I'm so glad things are going well.

  3. Just found your blog - absolutely love it :)