Tuesday, March 1, 2011

grey, a day late

I'm participating in Offering of Love's color photography project - one color for each month. It's fun to take photos of something that isn't, you know, my kid.

February was grey. (In every way, where I live.) And I didn't quite finish in time - but I'm consoled by the fact that I got shorted by a month with at least 2 fewer days than normal.

So, grey.

our back deck - and rain, rain, rain...

okay, the moss is green.  but i need some reminder that spring will, eventually, show up.

my favorite lamp - and our front window is reflected in it, with the grey skies of the day

For March, brown.  I'm thinking about deep, loamy earth and the seeds we will plant.  Oh, and chocolate.  Maybe I need some chocolate.  Right now.  Excuse me.