Saturday, February 19, 2011

one step forward...

Live from the "Battle of the Bottle" front, we bring you this breaking news:

it seems that "temperature of the milk" may be the break we've been looking for.

At least today.

Stay tuned for the inevitable, "two steps back" update.


  1. Really? PLEASE share tricks! I cannotcannotcannot figure out why Henry's so damned resistant to bottles. Are you heating hotter than body temp? Cooler? Please share!!!

  2. My husband gave her the bottle, so I'm not entirely sure - but he thinks at least body temperature. Definitely warmer than we'd been trying, which was about room temperature. And he tells me that he squeezed the bottle nipple and squirted some milk into her mouth to start, which also seemed to help.

    Good luck! Lord, but this is frustrating.

  3. Okay-I should have remembered this from our battle with the bottle, but our son loved his bottle almost scalding hot! Seriously it was almost hot enough to burn (but obvisouly it wasn't) - he would absolutely refuse bottles that were lukewarm or room temperature. And if you think about it, when babies nurse they are getting milk at 98.7 degrees (or at least that is what I tell my completely medically untrained self).