Thursday, September 2, 2010

here we go again

Well, it was a nice 3 weeks without throwing up. And sadly, those three weeks have come to a crashing halt.

Somewhere in my reading lately, I did come across a sentence which said something like, "for some women, nausea returns in the third trimester," but I stuffed that little piece of information WAY down inside my head because surely, SURELY, the universe would not be so unkind as to inflict yet more nausea upon me when I just got over 22 weeks of it.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Very funny, universe.

Actually, it's not precisely "nausea" this time around. It's more like, "overactive gag reflex which kicks in immediately after getting out of the shower. Every morning." I don't feel queasy at all (which adds to the list of "things I have learned while being pregnant: 1. you can be nauseous and never throw up; 2. you can throw up without being nauseous). Fortunately, it's only in the morning, and I'm a vomiting pro at this point, so I don't think it's worth going back on the zo.fran - which, after all, caused the terrible constipation and then the dreaded hemmrho....yeah. We're not doing that again.

Baby, meanwhile, is happily kicking and hiccuping away. Seriously: this kid has the hiccups multiple times daily. It makes me giggle.

And we are finally at the point where I can say, "this baby is coming next month." "Next month." Incredible.


  1. Wow, I can't believe it's next month already!! How exciting. Hiccups are the best movement to let you know they're still in there. The kicks are getting painful, I'd much rather the hiccups!

  2. Another bout of nausea??? Oh come on, that just isn't fair. I get hiccups too...super cute!

  3. omg, I can't believe it's next month! How did you speed up time like that?
    Oh, pleeeaaaaase don't tell me the nausea comes back. It's just barely starting to ease for me. I still have it every day. Aaargh, no more!

  4. Paisley had hiccups every day at the end of my pregnancy and has had them every day since birth. It's amazing when you can see the little person who was inside you doing it!

  5. my goodness, you have had a hell of a pregnancy. all the crap, as icky as it is, has functioned as confirmations that you really, truly are pregnant, but twould have been nice if a growing belly and kicks and hiccups could have fit that bill alone! may this daily vomiting pass quickly! may there be no accompanying nausea before it does pass! and may this last month of preparations be full of surprises that are BLESSINGS.

  6. Next month! Holy Toledo! How exciting! My warmest congrats - you're almost there.

  7. I am so happy for you even though you still fell this gags.

    Your blog is another one that will give me hope.