Tuesday, July 20, 2010

100 days to go

That's today's milestone: 100 days left.

Holy. Shit.

I'm sure I should come up with something more profound than that at the prospect of the birth of my first child, but right now, that's about all I've got. On the one hand, this pregnancy feels like it is taking forever. Like I have been pregnant for a year and a half - probably because of all the IVF preparation and build-up, but I suspect most pregnant women feel this way. Time. Is. Dragging.

Or it has been, until I realize that we are just over three months away. Somehow, "October" sounds like a long distance from now - as far away as the moon, or maybe Florida - but, before you know it, it will be August, and then September, and then...


On a different note, dear Rebecca at The Road Less Traveled is grieving the loss of her daughter, Lillian Grace, at 23 weeks of pregnancy, about three weeks ago. She and I had nearly identical due dates, and I think of her almost every time this baby kicks. If you don't know Rebecca, or haven't stopped by to check on her, please leave a note of support. Let her know she is not alone.


  1. I'm feeling much like you are! We are also so close in due dates (Oct 31) that I often laugh when I read your posts because I feel so similarly. I think I'm just finally getting to the point where I realize I better start attending the birthing and nursing classes as my information about these are just bits and pieces. Yep, I have a kid coming, now I have to figure out the next step! :)

  2. I was in your shoes what seems like yesterday, and now my baby is due in 5 weeks. WOW! It's hard to imagine that I'm actually going to be a mom soon. Glad you're doing well and thanks for reminding everyone of Rebecca. That's such a terrible thing to go through and this is a great support system.

  3. Holy crap, indeed! How exciting!