Tuesday, May 25, 2010

if it's not one thing...

Well, I caved and got a prescription for the nausea. After it started getting worse again this weekend, and after my doctor told me I needed to start gaining more weight (which would sound more appealing if I ever wanted to eat anything), I decided I had waited long enough.

I took the first pill yesterday afternoon. One more this morning. And, let me tell you, this stuff is a freaking miracle. No nausea; my breakfast stayed down for the first time in 11 weeks; a girl could get used to this. I practically cried with happiness.

Until the constipation.

I have decided that pregnancy, otherwise known in my house as the Festival of Gastro-Intestinal Distress, is a nine-month exercise in losing control. This is okay, because parenting is probably an 18-year exercise in the same. But my innards are getting a little worn out, to say the least.

After no relief well into the afternoon today, I came home and googled the name of the drug I'm taking and "constipation." And proceeded to read a MOUNTAIN of horror stories from pregnant women involving the length of time before this resolved (6 days, sweet Lord), enemas (help me), some odd suggestion involving milk of magnesia and dark karo syrup (almost tried that one) and enough complaints to make me weep at the prospect of having to give up my sweet miracle drug. Without getting even more TMI than I already have - Houston, we no longer have quite as significant a problem.

The whole time in the bathroom, all I could think was, "oh my god, this is by far the smallest thing that's coming out of my body in the next five months and if I can't handle this, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?" I may have been converted to the epidural as of today.

In better news, I want to eat! I'm hungry! So that's good. Let's hope everything else...works itself out.


  1. I am so glad that you're able to eat again! I hope the constipation "passes" soon.

  2. Glad that you found your miracle drug to ease the constipation. When I was pregnant my Dr. told me that I could take a once daily OTC stool softener to keep me regular. I worked miracles. Might not hurt to ask your Dr. if you can do that same.

    In other news YAYYY for being hungry!!!

  3. YEY for meds!! Good for you for doing it. I had such a hard time with finally agreeing to take the Prevacid, but man, I am SO happy I did. World of difference. You may be amazed at how much you enjoy your pregnancy now! : )

  4. Oh the constipation. I've tried dried fruits, fresh fruits, prune juice, warm milk, stool softeners, fiber laxatives, and exercise. Guess what happened. I got gas. This has been the worst pregnancy symptom for me so I hope yours gets better soon!

  5. I feel bad for laughing, it really must be awful. Sending lots of hugs and a few prunes :)

  6. You poor thing! Try Colace. It worked for me when I went through a little phase of this a few weeks ago. It is on the list given to me by my doctor of OTC stuff that is ok to take.

    Good luck!!

  7. Yay for eating!!

    Try Colace. It is a miracle too - and it works. It is actually in my Rx prenatal, because the iron can do the same thing.

  8. Oh, wow. I'm sorry for how miserable this has been for you - and just when you think you've found the solution, a different problem appears. Hope it all resolves itself somehow - and soon!!!

  9. Thanks to everyone who suggested Colace - I sent my husband to the drugstore for it last night, and I'm feeling MUCH better today. :)

  10. Just read your blog from the beginning and want to say...
    - So glad you are pregnant
    - Don't feel bad to admit it isn't the hugs and puppies you dreamt of
    - I'm not a Christian (I'm a pagan) but I was really interested in your posts about whether bad things have a purpose and the Jonah story. Read it years ago and never got that the dark place can get you where you want to go - really needed to read that today.

    So hello! And thanks. xxx

  11. My Doc put me on Zofran at 12 weeks. I was miserable and could barely eat and drink. I have too dubbed this as the miracle drug. However, I hear ya on the Constipation. Oh Boy. I've been taking colace everynight and seems to help.....not cure....but help.

  12. Oh the GI woes suck. Nausea, constipation, heartburn... it's kind of one long "ugghhh." I hope the colace continues to work.

    And in MY experience (which certainly isn't the same as everyone's) gas bubbles and constipation is worse than labor. LOL