Thursday, December 17, 2009

grab your bags: it's on.

All kinds of good things today:
  • The Shared Risk people called - we're in! Woo hoo! (As an aside, they and the mail-order pharmacy I work with are all East Coast people, and I love their accents. It's like getting phone calls from the Sopranos. Only less scary.)
  • I talked with my nurse, and we set the dates - the calendar arrived via email this afternoon, and Day One? It's on my birthday. Sweet. Hopefully the beginning of the best birthday present ever. (Edited to add: I'm doing the Luteal Antagonist Protocol. Anyone have experience with this? Please share!)
  • The Kin.kos lady relented and figured out how to print my chosen hymn verse on the green cards I had bought. Apparently this is much more complicated than I thought. But it was nice of her to figure it out. Now, of course, this means I actually have to assemble these Christmas cards and send them out, which sounded like a GREAT idea about two months ago.
  • Also, there was no traffic on the way to said Kin.kos today, which is unusual.
  • And I have no evening meetings tonight, which means I may actually get to have a decent conversation with my husband before we both fall asleep at, oh, about 8:00pm. Because evidently, we are in the third grade.
  • My husband's not-so-good basketball team (he coaches the 7th graders at his school) actually beat their generally-much-better cross-town rivals last night. In overtime.
  • Good day all around, really. Hope you had a good one too.


  1. That sounds like a fabulous day - so happy that things are looking up! Now, go get some rest you little third-grader (that part made me laugh!)

  2. It's great when you can make a long, good list. It should be good luck to start a cycle on your birthday, right?

  3. Woohoo for the shared risk program!!!

  4. A birthday cycle!! Wonderful!!

    Glad you had a good day!!

  5. Congrats on the shared risk program -- that's great news! I'm hoping you get the best birthday gift ever this year.

  6. It's nice to have really good days, isn't it? I'm really hoping this cycle is successful for you, and it's certainly a good sign that it starts on your birthday.

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