Thursday, September 10, 2009

back in the saddle again

Whew - vacation over, which means I've spent the last three days meaning to update this blog, but have instead been sorting my way out of the pile o' emails and other mail which arrived while I was on my 3-week break. YOWZA. Not a lot of extra time lately.

I have quite a few blogworthy (we hope) moments simmering away, but not nearly enough time - quite yet - to compose them, so I've made a list and hope I can manage to remember what ON EARTH I meant by these frenetic scribblings when the crazy time finally comes to an end. Which should be, I believe, sometime next week. Maybe.

For now, just a quick doctor-related update. I saw my RE last week and asked him for some advice about the timeline for IVF #2. For a variety of reasons - including some overseas travel this fall and a tax benefit for my generous parents who are giving us money to proceed- we'd rather wait until January to start treatments again. However, being a fully logical and cool-headed infertile woman, my desire to wait is accompanied by nightly visions of my ovaries drying up completely on December 31. Because, although I realize that fertility tapers off gradually as one ages, the idea that OH MY GOD I AM 36 AND THAT IS OLD AND WE HAD BETTER GET MOVING RIGHT DAMN NOW OR IT'S ALL OVER GIVE ME THE LUPRON TODAY is still pretty powerful.

My delightfully calm and kind doctor assured me that January would be fine. By which, I take it to mean that he was saying, "a few months more won't hurt you," not, "oh, you're screwed anyway, so who cares if you wait for the IRS?"

Also, I have this post brewing in me about Julie and Julia, but wow - I really have to get back to work. How terribly inconvenient. Thanks for hanging in there while I ignore my blog - I promise to get better. Really. I swear.


  1. I totally get the whole OH MY GOD I'M GETTING OLDER BY THE MINUTE and TO GET MY FINGERS OUT OF MY you know... Have this totally absurd feeling of relief that our first IVF will be before I turn 35, less than a month before but still...

    Nice to know I'm not alone in this craziness! GOD LUCK to you :)

  2. I am only 31 and I still have those thoughts, too. Especially since I want to have more than one kid. Good to hear you are back, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. Argh, just wait for 38. It's just awesome. :P

  4. Julia Child does mention the fact that she and Paul couldn't have children and how disappointed they were to not be able to conceive. I got the impression that writing "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" was her baby.