Tuesday, August 25, 2009

on-the-road update

I am not dead. Or boycotting my own blog.

Just on vacation, mostly away from internet service (except for now - a brief techno-interlude at the in-laws). We spent a week in a fantastic National Park and now we're at the hubby's family cabin. Loving the time away.

Not much to report, except that I have an appointment with my RE on September 1. Otherwise, life is good - and I'll get back to blogging when we get home next week.

For now, viva la vacation!

(Clearly, I am Spanish-illiterate. My apologies.)


  1. Hope you're enjoying the vacay! Glad to hear that your not either dead or boycotting! ;-) Good luck at the RE!

  2. Glad you're having a wonderful vacation! A cabin away sounds like heaven.. . :)