Tuesday, March 27, 2012

things we say

All of a sudden, it's like a language explosion at our house. (I've read recently that some kids begin talking after they are weaned - a process we are working on, but a post for another time.) At any rate, whatever the reason, suddenly we have a little tiny person (a little tiny bossy person) who can say:

things she's been saying for awhile, like:
dada (usually shouted, DA!!!!)
ba (ball)
mow (mole) (yeah, I know. But she loves pinching the mole on my neck while she nurses.)
lo (hello)

and all kinds of new things, like:
atsahhh (outside)
bu (bus)
maw (meow)
cack cack (quack)
doh (door) (or possible Homer Simpson impression)
mo (more, accompanied by frantic and/or forceful signing of same)

Plus a whole lot of other language that I have, as of yet, not quite figured out, much to her consternation.

It's amazing, all the changes that happen overnight - when there are so many other things that seem. to. take. forever. But suddenly there's a little person living in our house, where there used to be a baby. What?

You know who else should get to say a new word for themselves? Mo and Will. They need to say "mommy" and "daddy" and it needs to mean them. They're in the beginning of another pregnancy and, if you don't know their story, suffice it to say this: please God, may this be the one. Go over and cheer them on if you haven't already.


  1. lol - she is totally doing a homer impression! love it! and yes, they become little dictators once they master the commands. my girl does some crazy-forceful pointing - you will do what I want NOW! and of course, i do!

  2. So cute!!! Ian is just starting to find his little voice, I can't imagine when he starts saying actual words, I'm sure as you said it will just happen all of the sudden very quickly. Also holding so much hope for Mo & Will

  3. I know! It's like a switch one day from baby to little person! It's nuts! Our girls are bossy too...I'm not a fan! But I do like that they are more able to communicate with us...whether or not we can understand them is of course up in the air, but when we can, it's nice!
    And absolutely cheering on Mo and Will too! So glad they've made it this far...this sounds like a winner...FINALLY!