Thursday, November 3, 2011

a birthday story

Once upon a time, there was a mommy and daddy.  They knew they were a mommy and daddy, but they had no baby.  That made them sad.

"Do you have our baby?" they asked the sun.  "No," said the sun, but it shone on them and warmed their skin and made them smile.

They asked the rain, "do you have our baby?"  "No," said the rain, but it watered the ground and made the green shoots poke out from the earth in the spring, and that gave them hope.

"Do you have our baby?" they asked the wind.  "No," said the wind, but it rushed and blew and made the fall leaves dance, and that made them laugh.

"Where is our baby?" they asked the mountains.  "We don't know," said the mountains, but they were great and tall and they made the mommy and daddy remember that the world is wide, and big, and full of beauty, even when they were sad.

"Do you have a baby for us?" they asked of the sea.  "No," said the sea, as it rushed in and out, onto the sands and back again.  The mommy and daddy walked on the sand and watched their feet make prints, and watched as the sea swallowed up their prints again.  The sea reminded them that all things change, and end, even very good things, and even very bad things.

"Would you give us a baby?" they asked God.  And there was a long silence.

A very long silence.

It seemed to last forever.  But, finally...

"That is a good idea," said God, "but we are going to need a lot of help with it."

So God sent them doctors, and nurses, and friends, and family, and people they didn't even know who listened to the stories they told in voices and written words.  God was right: it took a lot of people.

But, one day, the mommy woke up.

"The baby is coming," she said.

And then there were more people, all together, waiting for the baby to arrive.

The sun shone down, through the windows of the room where they were waiting.

The rain sent drops of water to tickle the windows of the room where they were waiting.

The fall leaves danced in front of the windows of the room where they were waiting.

The mountains hid in the clouds, not far from the room where they were waiting.

Far away, the waves rushed onto the sands and back again, far from the room where they were waiting.

All the people in the room held hands and helped and waited.

And God waited too.

And then...

"Hello," said the mommy and daddy to their baby.

A belated happy birthday to our baby, who gave us the best names we have ever had.


  1. I am teary reading this. So beautiful, so lovely. Happy birthday to your baby girl, and happy anniversary of this life-changing day. X

  2. I'm more of a lurker than a commenter these days but I had to pop in to say what a beautiful, touching story this is. The part about the waves that teach that all things change - even very good things and very bad things- made me tear up. You'll have to keep this to share with your daughter one day. Happy birthday to your beautiful baby girl.

  3. I no longer blog, but sometimes check in on blogs I used to follow. I'm so glad I checked in here today! Did you write this?? Please, please contact a publisher. And then when it's published, let me know so I can buy a million copies. I am obsessed with children's literature, and search long and hard for good, new works. I rarely find any. Try Zondervan or Pauline Press. Please! Oh, and Happy Birthday to your little one! You can reach me at indianaopenwindow (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. This is so beautiful. I agree with S, it should be published. I totally connect with it, and I think those without infertility would, too. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  5. P.S. Oh yeah, and happy birthday to your daughter!!!

  6. S nailed it. If you can stand it, please share this via publication. It's stunningly beautiful.

    Happy, happy birthday to you little girl -- her first complete trip around the sun!

  7. Beautiful post! It reminds me of one of my favorite songs "Daddy, What if" by Bobby Bare. It always makes me cry, too.
    Happy Birthday to your little blessing

  8. What a wonderful sentiment. How lucky you and your baby are to have one another.

  9. Just lovely!! Happy birthday first birthday little one!
    And I agree...very well should be published =)

  10. Wow, this is an amazing post! I am in awe!

    I'm here from Mel's weekly blog roundup.

  11. What a beautiful story. You should have that illustrated and publish it! I would buy it and read it to my daughter.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. Oh, I do hope you send this in to a children's book publisher.... for all of us out here who have suffered IF and endured countless years of IF treatments in order to expand our families, we NEED a baby book like this to read to our precious little ones!!! I love it. Thank you for sharing