Saturday, January 15, 2011

Days of Grace: 1-15-11

I've always loved how Sprogblogger writes about days of grace - giving thanks each day, even for things that seem small.  I preached a sermon once about the Jewish tradition of naming 100 Barakot - 100 'thank-you's' each day.  Getting to 100 is pretty all-consuming, which is pretty much the point.

So, I may not get to 100.  But today is my birthday (38! yikes) and it feels like a good day to say thanks.  For:

1. Baby girl has been consistently sleeping from 11:30pm or so until 7:00am or so for the past three weeks. There is a God.  And yes, I realize that this might change at any time.  So I'm enjoying while it lasts.

2. My husband is going to make a carrot cake for me today.  This should be 1.) tasty and 2.) entertaining.

3. I made an appointment for a massage today.  Hallelujah.

4. Got to see the Harry Potter exhibition last week.  AWESOME.  And, in honor of the fun, I have embarked on a HP-watching marathon during which I can exclaim routinely, "I saw that costume at the exhibition!" without being embarrassed because, you know, this is a nice thing about 11-week old babies: they are not very judgmental.

5. I am still delighted every morning when I take a shower and don't throw up afterward.  Nine months of throwing up is hard to get over.

6. Tonight my parents are taking Baby Girl overnight.  Excellent birthday present.  I am a little nervous and suspect that I might actually get less sleep without her, but they are SO EXCITED about this that I feel like I'm doing them a favor.  Very "O. Henry-Gift of the Magi" over here.

7. Found a really good consignment store yesterday.  Four outfits for Baby Girl = $20.  Sweet.

8. My nipples are no longer sore-as-hell.  Sometimes they are sore-as-purgatory, but this is a vast improvement.

9. Have I mentioned the Baby Girl smiles?  Oh, the smiles.  I would do anything for one of those.  Luckily, they happen pretty frequently.

10. Since I can hear her waking up from the morning nap, I'll just mention one more: cute boots as a birthday present.  Loves me some boots.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Re:
    #1: Yippee!! Hip Hip Hooray!! What a good baby!
    #7: I love consignment stores. You should also check out if there is a "Just Between Friends" consignment sale near you (they usually happen twice a year).
    #8: Well, I guess that's good news.
    #9: sweet baby smiles are just about the best thing ever.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Can I just say that you rock and where can I get some grandparents like baby girls?
    Impressed by your routine - wish I had one!
    Happy Birthday, dear! From here ( almost 43) 38 sounds great! I know it's all relative!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! It appears you have so much to be thankful for this year. I also LOVE carrot cake and totally just got a craving reading this! Woo-hoo to more sleep recently, definitely hope this trend continues for you. Hope you & the hubby have lots of fun tonight for your overnight without baby;)

  4. What a good girl, letting you sleep so much! I love the smiles. The smiles make up for all the night-time wakings, poopy diapers, spit-ups and tears a thousand times over. I bet her first laugh is just around the corner.

  5. Happy Birthday!! What a great way to celebrate by giving thanks, I'll have to remember that :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Next year Baby Girl can share your cake. :)

  7. Happy birthday! And what a great list! Coping with that hyperemesis must have been a real challenge. Yikes.

  8. It's a great list. Happy birthday! I hope it was an amazing weekend.

  9. Happy Birthday! What an awesome thanksgiving list! I just love seeing your joy shine through.