Friday, August 6, 2010

nursery update

Given that today's 'baby status update' says, "baby is preparing to see the world after birth," I thought I'd post some photos of what baby actually will see...eventually.

The nursery is coming along fairly well. After a little bit of drama ordering the ottoman for the glider (which the salesperson thought was discontinued until they finally figured out that was not the case), most of the major pieces are in place. I'm loving the wall mural, which I found at; super cute. Like most things, it's hard to find murals which are gender-neutral and not-too-theme-y. (That's the other question I get a lot after, "is it a boy or a girl?" "What's the nursery theme?" "NO THEME," I say.)

The bookshelves should arrive this week, and the glider a few weeks after that. (Side note: I hate gliders. HATE them. Hate the look, anyway. They're like the mini-vans of chairs. I swore never to get one, until I sat in the super-cute gliding stuffed chairs from Pottery Barn which turned out to be hideously uncomfortable. Normally, I will put up with some suffering for appearance's sake - hence the purchase of several pairs of darling but pinch-y shoes. But, this time, I decided that comfort had to win out. So, glider it is. Sigh.)

The framed wall art is from - such a fun place to shop. For now, the bassinet is in this room, although it will end up in ours once the baby comes - it was a $35 find at the consignment shop yesterday. Between online merchants, craig.slist, and consignment shops, this nursery has been pretty inexpensive to put together.

Some days, I walk into this room and can hardly believe this is real. That a baby will come and live here. That I will end up in that glider some night practically crying with exhaustion but, I hope, also remembering the miracle it took to get me there. That someday, this baby will grow up and want me to take the cute alphabet off the wall because "it's for little kids."

Here I am, already resigning myself to my child growing up too quickly, while said child is still kicking me in the bladder. I blame the pregnancy hormones.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the art work! It's so exciting and unbelievable all at the same time. And the word verification is sprog! Which in England means kid!

  2. I think it's adorable that you can already envision what this little person is going to say about the room in the future. And I'm so glad to have someone else not finding out the gender! It did make it slightly more challenging to decorate since a lot of places are so specific!

  3. It looks terrific! I've been following for a while (your updates are wonderful, btw), but wanted to congratulate you on the lovely nursery!

  4. How beautiful! So many joyful moments you're going to have in there!

    I laughed out loud about gliders being the minivan of chairs.

  5. Mine are only a month old and I'm lamenting how fast they grow up, too. While wishing they'd hurry up and get to the sleeping-through-the-night stage already.

    Beautiful nursery! I love the wall mural and etsy prints as well. I'll have to steal a few of your ideas =)

  6. Thanks for sharing your room with us! I love it - love all the wall art and love that you got it all (almost?) second hand - not only inexpensive but great from a non-consumerist perspective. Yay!!

  7. I love the "non-themed" baby room. It's perfect!! TFS the room with us.

  8. Lovely room! I especially like the quilt on the crib, looks really cuddley and warm.