Friday, October 9, 2009

bad plan.

Note to self:

Even though, when lovely sister-in-law invites self to "Girls Night Out" drinks and swears that said Girls will not, absolutely not, just talk about their children, remind self that said Girls met at a Parents' group and so "swear we will not talk about our kids" will probably last, oh, about two minutes. If self is lucky.

However, luckily, have drinks. So this is good.

Now will look for Infertile Girls to have night out with. Might be better than Cheerful Moms with Constant Cute, Well-Meaning, but Tiresome Anecdotes of Darling Children.

Sangria was yummy, though.


  1. I hate when I find myself in a group of moms. "Well, my little one just started..." or "what breast pump do you use?" There is something special about a group of IF girls.

  2. Ugh -- sounds about as much fun as, well, hanging out with a bunch of moms talking about their kids and their pregnancies. Glad you made it through -- you deserve those drinks!

  3. Ouch, wrong turn at Albuquerque... thank goodness for the booze. Good luck finding the IFers group- call the rest of us if you do...

  4. I've found a group of women in their 40s who are a blast - they want to get out of the house and forget about their school-aged kids, not talk about them! I'm the young 'un at 35, but wow, is it a relief from my 20- and 30-something friends with little ones. They all love being 'Tracy' or 'Susan' instead of 'Mom' for the night. :)